About Robert

IMG_0579Welcome to my website, where you can find links to some of my favorite written work (such as this story exploring how a collection of community health clinics based in South Los Angeles have united to better serve their community and this interview with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins¬†and this piece I did for L.A. Weekly on Gram Parsons). I am a professional¬†freelance journalist based in Los Angeles with more than a decade of writing and editing experience. I regularly divide my time between health care journalism and entertainment/feature writing. I’m a generalist, which is a fancy way to say that if it interests me, I’ll write about it. In the tabs above the picture of Downtown L.A. – which I took using a digital SLR while riding in a small airplane – you can find links to stories that best represent my experiences and abilities. Thank you.

— Robert Fulton

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