Health Care

Health care journalism is rewarding and challenging work. It’s challenging to get to the root of an issue, comb through all the details and find the heart of a story and explain why it matters to the reader. From government’s alphabet soup of ACA and CMS to the medical profession’s own special dialect, navigating health care topics is not always an easy task. But it’s rewarding to convey an issue’s importance or tell a family’s story.

Here are links to a handful of health related stories:

Keeping Hope Alive for Single-Payer System
A piece I wrote for the California Health Report looking at this group that still pushes for a single-payer health care system.

The Nastiest of the Cold Viruses Reveals Its True Form
A piece I wrote for Scientific American on the common cold.

Town Hall Audience Learns About ACA Options
I went to a town hall held my a local congresswoman.

Practices Serving Low-Income Areas Left Out of Reform:
A piece looking at the narrowing of provider networks and the exclusion of some essential community providers:

Dialing In To Health Insurance
Applying for insurance through the exchanges can be done by telephone.

Camping Helps You Sleep Better, Study Finds
A study showed how a week of camping can influence sleep cycles.

Adapting to Electronic Health Records, But Not Without Challenges
EHRs are the wave of the future, with many benefits, but it’s not an easy transition.

ObamaCare 101 sessions in L.A. County designed to educate, inform
I attended this educational workshop on Health Care Reform and found there are plenty of questions to be answered.

Safe Sex After a Heart Attack
A few tips on getting back in the swing of things for

Some Hearing Loss Can Be Reversed, New Study Finds
This is 200 words on a hearing health issue that I wrote for

L.A. Clinic Expands Services with ACA Funding
I spent a couple of hours exploring this community health clinic in Los Angeles.


Dr. Jonathan Finlay in his office at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Revolutionizing the treatment of pediatric brain tumors
Dr. Jonathan Finlay of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles treats children with brain tumors by using as little radiation as possible.

Clinics unite to better serve low-income patients
Eight clinics based in South Los Angeles have formed what they call the Southside Coalition, sharing resources and providing better care to patients

A Cure for CURES
California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program has a number of issues. Here’s how it should work, and what’s proposed to get it on track.

A Primary Concern
There’s a shortage of primary care providers, and community clinics struggle to keep up.