I love writing profiles. As a writer I get the opportunity to spend time with a subject, get to know the person, and then introduce that person to the reader. Here are a few of my favorite profiles:

Community Healer: Daughter of the Imperial Valley Creates a Haven for Kids
Rosi Nava’s vision comes to life in the Imperial County.

The Calling
I had the opportunity for a long discussion with Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, a significant figure in the recent history of South Los Angeles. The best part might be when he closed his eyes and quoted Langston Hughes.

Going the Distance
My first piece for the Washingtonian. I did a four-mile run with Brooke. She wasn’t even out of breath.

Susi Wyss’ African Adventure
My second story for the Washingtonian.

A Wider Circle
I spent a few hours with Mark Bergel in his life-changing warehouse for a story that ran in Bethesda Magazine.

Making the Cut
This is an old story, but I liked it. I was green, but Sara Walsh was great. She’s now on ESPN.